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Wednesday, December 16th, 2009
10:52 pm
The s-man's visit to Nagasaki

Peace Statue

A very surreal site. Sixty-odd years ago, the A-bomb was dropped over this very location. Everything within a 1-km radius was totally destroyed.

Some 6th graders were there with their teacher, on a field trip for the subject of "Peace Studies". They seem really keen to spread the message of peace, but one has to wonder if they realise what brought about those events in the first place...

Rest of the series here.
Friday, September 25th, 2009
4:56 pm
The s-files: Conspiracy theories!
I think I know how come Nordin Top can have so much money to buy weapons and do bad things...

Here"s whyCollapse )
Sunday, September 13th, 2009
3:05 am
1:54 am
Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
11:50 pm
Bean violence
The original Killer Bean blew me away some ten years back.

Just found out there's a new version!

Saturday, August 29th, 2009
9:08 am
You know the s-man. No bullshit stuff.

Sony Alpha A350 body, excellent condition, with original box and accessories, *with vertical grip*.
- S$500

Sony Carl Zeiss DT 16-80mm (May or may not sell, because I love this lens)
- S$650

Sigma 17-70 DC
- S$400

Sigma 10-20 EX DC
- S$400

Lenses above are well-used, but definitely well maintained: Signs of cosmetic wear, but optically and mechanically excellent. With original box and docs.

Sigma 30mm EX DC f/1.4. Excellent cosmetic, mechanical and optical condition!!! With box and docs.

Note: DC/DT lenses are designed for cropped-sensor DSLRs only.

Russian optics Manual Focus 1000mm f/10 mirror lens (MD Mount - you will need to buy an MD-to-Sony A mount converter)
Saturday, July 25th, 2009
3:30 pm
Gotta start from somewhere...
It's time I took the next step and try those "posey" shots on people. Can't hide behind the excuse of "I don't know" anymore. :p

So at the risk of embarassing myself, here we go. The s-man, newbie all over again!

A few more here. Shoot location wasn't determined by myself, so as you can see, I tried my best to make it not look like we were at the Chinese Gardens. :p
3:26 pm
The second session

For this shot, cannot help it lah. The photographer likes Coke, so what to do?

Still trying, still trying... Some more here.
Tuesday, July 21st, 2009
12:20 am
Better than no choice, right?

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
11:55 pm
Wah, SAF now got FN-P90?

(As seen on ChennelFye news)

In other news, it is the opinion of the s-man that Jamie Fox's "Blame It" is positively the most irritating song on the radio right now...

Current Mood: geeky
Saturday, June 27th, 2009
1:55 pm
They should get Optimus Prime to protect Earth against the Terminators
The Terminators, badass as they are, are so small that it'll be like an elephant stompin' on some rats. :D

Spoilers be here!Collapse )
1:26 pm
Wednesday, June 24th, 2009
6:55 pm
Sunday, June 21st, 2009
1:46 pm
North Korean ship heading for Singapore?
Media reports say North Korean ship heading for Singapore - Y! Singapore News

Wah, how exciting. Now the RSAF can use their Fokker50s for a real purpose! Will the RSN's stealth frigates be deployed? Fire some warning shots to "hang"(4) the NK ship?

Kinda reminds me of last time that show "JAG". A lot of people liked that show. I thought it was rubbish. Everytime always on the brink of an "international incident" until they can bloody deploy the 7th fleet, aircraft carrier and all that shit, then they fire a few warning shots, last minute bad guy makes a u-turn and everybody in the war room heaves a sigh of relief. In real life, of course that would be ideal lah. But nah bay, I remember every time I watch that show, I always get damn du-lan and wonder when the hell are they actually going to unleash hell and KILL some of the bad guys??? Almost always never happens...

Back to this NK ship heading to S'pore thing. How come ship carrying illegal cargo is heading OUT of NK? Maybe got nuclear material summore. The s-man has two theories. Either:

1) They bring in all the parts so that Singapore Technologies/DSO can help them build their nuclear rocket, or
2) NK wants to nuke S'pore.

Well, I hope if 2) is true, they let me know well in advance because I got a few people in mind I want to show my middle finger to.

1:28 pm
Random TeeVee musings
Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, (I think season over already?)
How can the participant be "surprised" that Tim Gunn is calling her when the camera crew is already with them? I know reality shows are in reality (pun) pretty contrived, but this is bordering on stupid, lah.

Harper's Island
Does anybody actually follow this? I think it's crap. The concept is crap. It's like those 80s/90s horror flicks where a mysterious cereal killer is on the loose, picking off people one-by-one and a whodunit ensues, which invariably turns out to be the person you least expect (kinda like Scooby-Doo cartoons). Movies are tolerable because it'll all be over in about 122 minutes. Harper's Island just compresses it into 48 minutes, and repeats it over an entire season, each episode different only because there's a different dead guy. They should call it Harping Island instead.

And also, the unwelcome knock-on effect the show has on the viewing public is that the kids at school are starting to echo the "one-by-one" phrase ad nauseum. I can't begin to tell you how fucking annoying that is. Infinitely worse than "Moses Lim is Tan Ah Teck, Koh Chieng Mun is Dolly.y..y...!"

Some American Show About the Scariest Places on Earth
This one actually quite scary, because ChannelFye (used to) show it after midnight. Summore is hosted by Linda Blair (of Exorcist infamy).

But hor, I thinking: KNN where got so lucky one? Go explore the place first time, can meet hantu? Every time? And so many times until can fill up one entire season of tv show? I last time go alone to explore OCH, Woodneuk etc (albeit daytime), never feel anything leh. And here's the kicker: In the tv show, everybody in the show scared like nah-bey seen a ghost. Except one fella - the cameraman. Si-peh steady one. Everywhere also got ghost, people screaming all over the shop, he/she can still be so calm, picture can still be so steady. If I cameraman, I see ghost, I the first one to run out.

American Reality Game Show: Solitary v2.0 (No more showing on ChannelFye already)
Actually a very under-rated show that few in Sg probably ever heard of, because they show it at odd hours of the night. Used to watch it while eating my cup noodles. They get contestants to be isolated from one another in claustrophobic chambers, and are given specific tasks to do to see who can hold out the longest (staying in a box, standing on a bed of nails, etc). When you can't see or hear your fellow competitiors, it becomes one tough challenge indeed.

Okay, now on to the local stuff.

Red Thread
Justin Kong (Julian Hee) supposedly got Carol Chong (Eunice Olsen) pregnant while he was drunk. Cannot remember anything. Firstly, when a guy is fucking pissed drunk until he pass out, you cannot get his to fuck you because he's mechanically unable to do so. Secondly, wouldn't it totally suck if you got a hot babe (she was afterall, former Miss Singapore Universe) pregnant and you totally cannot remember what the hell happened? Since he's already in such a conundrum, if I were him, I'd take the opportunity to score with her one more time, just for the sake of enjoying myself before I get royally screwed anyway.

(But to give ChannelFye credit, Red Thread is surprisingly a good series. I expected it to be a Masters of the Sea Part Deux, but it's totally not. My only issue is why they go and cast Aileen Tan in that show??)

Fighting Spiders, ChannelFye, Tuesdays 8.30pm.
Now this is really a good series. If you haven't been following it, maybe you should start to do so now. In the beginning, MediaCrop keep advertising these two shows as "blockbusters". I thinking: Wah lau. So presumptious. Show haven't even air yet, and you already declare as blockbuster. Block not even out yet, how to bust?

But the show is really good lah.

One thing that perplex me is why Tony never go and explain to Annie why he is ganster. Is legit, whaat. All he needed to do was tell her that he join gang because he need to raise money for his sick mother. Is no choice, bo pian. But he diam-diam no say and is precisely because of that he and Annie buay ngam, even though is obvious they still really love each other. Okay lah, maybe the scriptwriters need to come up with something to create tension and drama, but if real life got people so kum-gong, then they deserve a slap upside the head. (But Annie's stand-in, prostitute Susie is damn chio.)

And lastly, that "Hair Care 101" programme featuring Edmund Chen.
What the hell is up with THAT? It is, however, quite amusing that they try to sync ang-moh accented england with the people who are actually speaking Chinese, including the pauses, ahs, ums, tsks and giggles. Gotta give the audio department credit for paying attention to detail.

If they want a wider viewing audience, show something on breast enhancements instead!
11:39 am
I was like, totally taking it easy, yo...

A few more here.

Current Mood: relaxed
Tuesday, June 16th, 2009
7:49 pm
Made-in-China vroom

More pics here.

Some time late last May, I was randomly walking around Funan IT Mall when I spotted a pushcart selling r/c models. Decided to check it out and saw they were selling Heng Long models. Eh? Never hear before leh. Most of the time, you'll hear of Tamiya, Kyosho, HPI Racing, etc. The store guy did mention that they're OEM for larger companies like HPI. I guess that's plausible. One thing caught my attention much though, was how cheap they were compared to their Japanese counterparts. Fully-laden with upgrade options including a brushless motor + ESC system, it cost only approx $350! Which is about a third of the price for a similarly configured Japanese model. But of course, you can't expect everything to be all good lah. The finishing was quite rough around the edges. Decals were inaccurately placed, and some of them had spelling mistakes! And although they did use aluminium parts, the plastics that they used were quite soft and wobbly (Tamiya uses glass-reinforced plastics sometimes). The servo supports, for example, were twitching with every turn. Does not make for precise steering. The same plastic supports were used to make the motor mount. Anyway, parted with the cash, decided to give it a go.

I've also got a Tamiya TT-01 model, which I've since rebuilt and modded up to Type E configuration (together with some Type R parts - Front and Rear Stabilizer units). This one's strictly an on-road touring car. The Heng Long however, seems to be a cross between an on-road GT car and an off-road rally car. The suspension is soft and the ground clearance is really high. I guess that's good when the car skids off the tarmac and into the gravel. Something of which I have a propensity to do - I'm a shitty r/c driver. My concern was the exposed gears on the Heng Long. What if the crud gets stuck between the teeth? No matter. Stuck the supplied 1800mAh Ni-Cd battery pack and the thing can really fly! But of course, with the amount of power the brushless motor drains, the fun was over in a matter of minutes. (That, and the fact that the grub screw holding the pinion gear to the motor came loose).

Verdict? Good fun, great value, especially the brushless variant. Pretty bitchin' fast. But I'm not sure about its durability and replacement parts will be pretty tough to find.

More info:

Phiron Technologies (S) Pte. Ltd.
Hobbywing Technology Co. Ltd.
Friday, June 12th, 2009
5:18 pm

Used, but in good condition. Excellent for beginners.

Set includes:

  1. Pro-Kennex C-Tour driver.

  2. Maruman Conductor LG #1 wood

  3. Maruman Dangan MG #5 wood

  4. Dennis Watson irons (3-9, PW+SW). Regular flex graphite shaft. (missing 6-iron)

  5. Spalding putter

  6. Dunlop stand bag

Saturday, May 9th, 2009
8:13 pm
s-man's special economic crisis photography promo!
After an epic 2 hour wrestling match with the toilet bowl, I finally managed to fix it. Installed new flush valve and filler valve mechanisms.

So now, maybe my wedding day package could look something like this:

Full day coverage
Photos on disc
FREE toilet bowl inspection, cleaning and repair!

Plus maybe an option to "zhng" your toilet bowl. Double the flushing power, using 25% less water! How about LED lights and racing stripes??

I bet no other photographer in S'pore offers a package like this.
Friday, May 8th, 2009
9:06 am
Because the sign at the checkpoint said "SELAMAT DATANG"
Not everybody is celebrating the capture of Mas Selamat.

Those guys who were at Whitley Rd Detention Centre might be shaking in their boots. Surely got some people want to cover backside here and there. Now, we will find out the truth.

Malaysian Interrogator: So how did you escape??

Mas Selamat: I never escape lah. They let me go.

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